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Expandable 4 Place, stereo and portable: Avcomm’s new AC2EX may possibly be the only intercom you will ever need!

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    Constructed of rugged ABS plastic, the AC2EX is built to withstand the extremes a typical portable intercom encounters. Inside, a streamlined circuit board features ceramic hybrid IC chips for high reliability. The front panel features a logical layout that is easy to read with controls grouped conveniently above the battery compartment. For battery powered operation, simply open the easy-access battery compartment on the front panel and add two 9 volt batteries (one is required but two prolongs life). The AC2EX is compatible with either 12 or 28 volt electrical systems and connects securely with AVCOMM’s unique "positive-lock" power cord. If the power supply to the intercom is lost, the intercom automatically switches to battery back-up power


  • Measuring a mere 5.1" by 2.85", the AC2EX is designed to produce powerful communications you can depend on.

  • The compact design makes it easy to carry in your flight bag, a feature pilots who rent aircraft will especially appreciate. Need four positions? Simply add the AC-2XM module to accommodate additional passengers.An integrated circuit allows you to use mono or stereo headsets.

  • A two stage LED displays a green light when the power is on and yellow during radio transmission making a “stuck mic” easy to spot. The voice-activated squelch circuit (VOX) adjusts to a broad range of noise environments or can be set for a continuous open-mic condition.

  • On the front panel there is a convenient push-to-talk button for the pilot. It has a pilot-priority feature to allow the pilot to override the co-pilot transmissions.

  • Pilot isolate (ISO) provides exclusive pilot communications with the ATC, and the “fail-safe” feature supplies a direct connection to the aircraft radio in case the power supply to the intercom is disrupted.

  • The AC2EX is equipped with a music-in jack for in-flight entertainment with automatic muting during intercom or radio activity (cable included). Add an audio recorder and with the record out feature, you can record ATC transmissions or cockpit conversations.

  • AVCOMM’s AC2EX is a powerful, full featured, easy to expand, mono-stereo intercom. Full three-year factory warranty.

    • AVCOMM’s Expandable Portable: two to four place
    • Rugged compact design
    • Two 9V batteries with quick access or 12-28V DC power
    • ‘Stuck mic’ indicator – Power-transmit LED
    • For use with mono or stereo headsets
    • Pilot priority PTT
    • Fail safe feature
    • Weighs only 14.1 ounces
    • Full three-year factory warranty

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    Avcomm AC2EX  Place Intercom

    Avcomm AC2EX Place Intercom

    Expandable 4 Place, stereo and portable: Avcomm’s new AC2EX may possibly be the only intercom you will ever need!